For caregivers, families, and those in need of services, respite care can be a vital part of maintaining a healthy home life.

What is Respite Care?

In the strictest definition, respite (RESS-pit) is temporary care so that family and caregivers can work outside the home, care for the house, and more. Getting out of the home and seeing relatives or going on vacation becomes impossible without leaving their loved one high and dry. Respite care offers a better option.

Here at Beaver Lake, we see respite care as a solution to the issue of an overworked caregiver and a vacation for their family member to give them both a breath of fresh air.

What kind of care does Beaver Lake offer?

Beaver Lake Lodge provides 24 hour care for your relative, from social interaction and activities to personal care, haircuts, grooming, and overnight support. Our activities change from day to day, but you can ask our staff about them! Please reach out and find out about our upcoming programs for your loved one to enjoy!

Take a vacation, and your mom or dad can do the same with us! In our scenic location, they can enjoy a lovely view, and company of their own age.

Keeping in Touch

We understand here at Beaver Lake that it’s hard to go away and leave your loved one in the care of someone else. Reach out to us any time and rest assured that we have emergency information on file if anything comes up that needs your attention. We understand the desire to check in on someone and support you and your family!

If you’re concerned about a longer stay, try booking a short 1-2 day visit. Let your parent or loved one acclimate before a longer vacation.

Reach out to us today to book a visit!

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