A tan building with white trim; in the foreground is a slight hill leading up to the house covered in orange autumn leaves, and in the background the sky is clear and blue.
A walking path in autumn; to the far left is the entryway of a building, in the background on the right is a lake, and the path curves slightly to the left. There are red leaves all over the ground.
Gray facility with white trim and a white path cutting through grass to the front door.
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Derry, NH
Beaver Lake Lodge
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Derry, NH
Beaver Lake Lodge
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Derry, NH
Beaver Lake Lodge
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Beaver Lake Lodge is a 16 room luxury facility sitting on over 7 acres overlooking Beaver Lake in Derry, New Hampshire. Beaver Lake Lodge has the benefits of beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces. The Lodge has scenic year-round views of the lake, walking paths, and more. During the warmer months, residents enjoy sitting on the porch. The views are especially beautiful during autumn, with the lodge surrounded by fiery foliage.

Beaver Lake Lodge has luxury accommodations—all rooms are private, with private modern bathrooms and walk-in showers. In addition, each room has central heat and cooling systems. To keep spaces clean and safe, we have 24 hour air replacement systems. Our experienced staff provides above-and-beyond personalized service, including medication supervision. In addition, we offer a wide range of enrichment activities, allowing residents to engage in hobbies and even learn new skills!

Beaver Lake Assisted Living Porch

We are located at:
38 North Shore Road
Derry, NH 03038
(603) 434-5683

Our residents can enjoy a scenic view of Beaver Lake from our porch during the warmer months, along with beautiful views of the New England foliage in the surrounding areas in the autumn.

All of our residents can enjoy the following independent lifestyle services:

Healthy Choice Menu

Laundry & Housekeeping Services

Medication Supervision

Social Activities

Private Rooms

Plus much more!

Laundry & Housekeeping Services

The cleanliness of your loved one’sroom is important to their mental and physical health. We provide weekly laundry and housekeeping services for all of our residents, full time and short term. We encourage our residents to make their beds and tidy their room, which can help to keep them engaged and give them a feeling of pride in their environment. We understand that not all residents may be physically capable of tidying themselves, so we employ cleaning staff to help pick up after your senior.

Beautiful Bedroom
Person sorting pills in a pill sorter

Medication Supervision

Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to medications at Beaver Lake Lodge. Your loved one’s medications will be supervised efficiently by highly trained nursing staff, making sure your loved one will never miss a needed dosage of medication.

Private Rooms with a Personal Touch

While social activities are fun for our residents, we understand that seniors may also enjoy private time by themselves. That’s why we provide each resident with their own private room, complete with a private bathroom.

We also know it’s important for your loved one to feel at home in our facility. All of our rooms are furnished with the resident’s personal belongings, allowing our residents to relax in complete comfort and privacy.

A wooden bed made with a mauve bedspread and decorative pillows

Beaver Lake Retirement Home Living Room

Social Activities

Keeping your senior happy and entertained during their stay at our retirement home is important to us. We schedule a variety of in-house activities, as well as out-of-house activities such as scenic, relaxing rides, trips to local shopping areas, and more. We also celebrate birthdays and holidays with our assisted living residents, as well as sharing festivities with local schools, Girl Scout troops, and church groups.

Our residents also have the option of enjoying weekly worship groups for a variety of faiths.

Indoor and Outdoor Living

The fantastic thing about our assisted living facility on Beaver Lake is its location. Located right on Beaver Lake in Derry, NH, your loved one can enjoy scenic Views of the lake all year long. The views are especially beautiful during autumn, with fiery fall foliage surrounding the lodge.

Our residents can enjoy outdoor living on our shaded outside patio, or take a walk around our grounds. We monitor the weather for adverse conditions, so you can be sure that your loved one will never be outside when it’s too hot or too cold.

The View from Beaver Lake Retirement Home

Transportation Services

We are thrilled to now be offering transportation services for our residents!

In addition to a variety of Enriching opportunities in our residences, there are many physical and psychological benefits to outings in the local community. We have two buses now, meaning that our residents will have lots of opportunities to get out and about!

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