Boutique Style Assisted Living

Unique small homes in residential neighborhood settings. Boutique style – imagine a
‘bed and breakfast’ serving less than sixteen residents most times. Less Residents =
more individual attention. Historic traditional character – each home has the details
we all appreciate from fine architecture.

What we do: Assist with Activities of Daily Living. We believe that each Resident
must be empowered and independent. This means getting the encouragement to
keep up with as much of their personal activities every day. We look at each Resident
holistically as part of our extended family. We lead with compassion – love!

Our Team and Homes:

  • Provide Comfortable Private or Companion Rooms
  • Encourage Holistic Care Model (Define elsewhere?)
  • Serve Healthy Home Cooked Meals
  • Assist in Daily Activities and Weekly Entertainment
  • Supervise Self Directed Medication Use
  • Take care of Housekeeping & Laundry Services
  • Arrange Transportation as needed
  • Bring in Themed Events for entertainment
  • Someone is on-site 24 hours per day

What we don’t do: Medical Care – we are NOT a nursing home! We operate under
State RSA regulations, 804 and 805, respectively. Our website is designed to introduce
you to our services and our commitments to serve. To the degree that marketing
statements can be interpreted different ways, please understand that we defer to our
compliance with the relative RSA under which we strictly operate in all our homes. If
you have any questions please ask for clarification during the admission process.

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