About Us

As Life Goes On, LLC, is dedicated to ‘helping folks simply live better’ as life goes on.
Aging is changing. As we age some get a little slower, less mobile, more aches and
pains, less social and more lonely. We can have trouble finding things – Where did I
put that? Did I take all my medicine? How will I get to the store?
These changes can complicate life. Family stress builds as we struggle to find ways to
support our aging loved ones. As Life Goes On is committed to helping families
relieve some of the stress of daily life by providing homes to seniors as they age and
need a little more assistance, attention, companionship, nutrition and activity.
Part of how we do this is by provide affordable, comfortable assisted living that you
can trust. As a matter of fact we provide the most value for the lowest costs in the
We are family owned and operated by The Duymazlar family who have been involved
in the care and real estate business for two generations. Our father, Dr. Mehmet
Duymazlar, immigrated to the US as an anesthesiologist, and our mother, Joan
Duymazlar is still an RN in her eighties. Our love of family and seniors started young
as we grew up in an immigrant multigenerational home with our grandparents. This
experience impressed upon us the benefits of holistic family centered care. Living
with our grandparents as they helped care for the youngest, our parents watched out
for our grandparents and we as children brought love, smiles (and sometimes frowns)
to all taught us the importance of working together to age better.
Experiencing three generations under one roof all providing care for one another
enriched each of our lives and contributed to our desire to do better for elders.
Individually, members of the family went into medicine, real estate, and hospitality,
but came together to serve senior’s and their families in boutique style residential
care homes, promoting compassionate holistic family centered care. We strive to
bring the values learned and the love shared into our small ‘boutique style’ homes
and other services (link to services page) to simply help folks live better as they age.

Our family first acquired Rosewood Manor and Lincoln Terrace in 2017. Going on to
add more homes in southern and seacoast of New Hampshire. Wadleigh House,
Beaver Lake Lodge, Pine Hill Assisted Living and most recently, Johnson Creek Village
Holistic Memory Care Home have grown our ability to serve nearly one hundred
families in New Hampshire. We are growing to serve more with the addition of the
Gordon House Assisted Living Residence in Merrimack, NH coming in 2025.