Once adults start to experience mobility or cognition loss, it can be difficult to find new activities and ways to pass the time. Although staying active may be tough, it is especially important for seniors to get out of the house and keep moving. Mobility and cognition loss do create some tricky restrictions, but we put together a few healthy activities for seniors that you can add to your toolbox.

Explore a new hobby

Hobbies offer lots of options for people with limited mobility because many can be done sitting in a chair or table. Hobbies help by keeping the mind active and inspired to learn more. Reading is a great option for some seniors, there are even book options for those with dementia. Some other hobbies could be baking, knitting, birdwatching, indoor gardening, crochet, or learning an instrument. 


This is an important one, as exercise has been proved to drastically improve a person’s mood and health. Making an effort to move your body at least once a day is a great activity that not only helps you physically but mentally too. There are tons of senior safe exercises available to perform. There are even gentle chair exercises for seniors that experience mobility issues. Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regime.

Get outside

If you have ever stepped outside after a long day indoors, then you know what a good dose of fresh air can do for you. Getting outside activates the mind and can be an immediate source of relaxation for many people – seniors alike. Seniors should try to get outside at least once a day, and those with mobility issues can spend time on a porch or outdoor seating area to get their dose of fresh air! Just be careful of too much direct sunlight. A bit of shade or an umbrella is perfect for this.

Games with friends

Maintaining a community is essential for staying motivated, especially for seniors. Community gives you a sense of belonging and reason to get up and go in the morning. Scheduling time with friends to play a card or board game is a great activity for seniors. Not only does it give them time to converse with friends, but also keeps their mind sharp! 

Explore creativity

Being creative may come naturally to some and not so easy to others. The good thing with creativity is that there is no wrong way to go about it. For seniors, this can be a great way for them to let loose and play. Making crafts for the holidays, grandkids, or for their own home gives them plenty of opportunities to get creative. There are many ways that you can help a senior get creative, including crochet, knitting, papercraft, and more.

We hope that these suggestions will help you or a senior you care about to find something enjoyable and to stay active both mentally and physically. If you are looking for an assisted living community to help you with senior care and keeping a senior active and healthy, contact us today! We will be happy to answer all of your questions and guide you in the right direction. 

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