Could smaller be better for assisted living facilities?

In New Hampshire and Massachusetts there is currently a shortage of assisted living facilities and nursing homes. This shortage leaves much of the elderly community displaced and at risk for health complications. The homes that do have availability are usually overpriced and have a high turnover rate in staff because of low wages. Those that work in the elder care community know that there must be a simpler solution to this shortage and we have found one; Our Model.

What is Our Model?

Our Model is a philosophy that encourages assisted living facilities and nursing homes to “go small”. Instead of the typical facilities that have 50 plus residents living in one place, Our Model encourages communities of just 16 or so residents, each with their own bedroom and most with their own bathroom. 

Why is it a good option?

Our Model has found success in various aspects of the design. Residents receive better care because the buildings are smaller and caretakers are not overburdened with residents which allows them to take special care in planning and following routines that work for residents. Since the space is smaller, it is easier to manage and actually more cost effective because less administrative staff is needed. 

Hands on model

In many larger elder living facilities, the staff and elders are unable to form meaningful relationships simply because it is a less personal environment. With smaller communities and fewer employees, Our Model provides more opportunity for valuable connections and relationships to be made which makes a difference in the overall health of staff and the elders. Our Model has also proven that family members of elders feel more comfortable visiting because it is a more personal experience. 

Success during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the successes of Our Model really stood out. While many nursing homes and assisted living facilities failed to keep their residents safe, facilities that use Our Model were able to catch and isolate the virus before it spread to the entire facility. Having smaller spaces and separated living made this possible and helped to avoid catastrophe.

If you are interested in seeing Our Model at work, come and take a look at our facilities where residents enjoy their own private rooms with a personal touch and hands on care. Contact u to schedule a visit!

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