Moving from your own home to an assisted living facility can be a daunting task. In many ways it can be emotionally and physically exhausting for seniors downsizing from their home. As caregivers and people who care about those moving, we want to help them in this difficult transition as graciously as possible. We have some downsizing tips for seniors from As Life Goes On Elder Care to ease the move and keep everyone healthy and happy. 

How To Create a Smooth and Easy Transition

Have a Plan: This may seem obvious, but it is such a crucial step for a successful move. Moving to an assisted living facility is much different than moving to a new house. There are many extra things to consider, so it’s important to start that process early. Having a clear understanding of the new space is one. Seniors downsizing from a larger home will most likely need to adjust to a new layout and situation. Make sure to plan things such as: do you want to have a yard sale? Or maybe you have a donation pile that needs to be taken to a local charity. Don’t leave all of these things for the last minute! 

Don’t Overdo It: Even though there is much to do when moving a loved one out of their established home into something new, try not to overdo it. Easier said than done, we know, but don’t try to do everything at once. Pace yourself. Having your plan in place will make it easier to stay organized, but it won’t exactly lighten the load. Go through the old place room by room, section by section. If you’ve given yourself enough time in your plan, you don’t need to rush the process. 

Set Aside Legacy Gifts: Thinking about a time when a loved one is no longer with us is difficult, and that’s okay, but it’s incredibly important to talk about early on in the senior downsizing process. Go through the house with your loved one and have them point out or set aside the things that are extra special to them that they want to pass on to someone else. And while you’re there: ask them about it! There are probably some incredible stories to go along with these items. 

Maintain a Balance: For senior downsizing it might be tempting to have lots of little piles, such as: “Definitely Keep,” “Definitely Get Rid Of,” “Maybe,” “Think About It,” and so on. This may be overcomplicating things. Stick to just a few simple piles like “keep”, “donate”, and “throw away”. Remember, you’re probably drastically downsizing in square footage so you want to balance out your ways of moving things. 

Let it Be Emotional: Let’s be honest: leaving your home for something new is emotional. It just is. Whether your loved one is facing Dementia or Alzheimer’s or is simply too old to be alone, this is an emotional time. We want to tell you that that is okay. It will be emotional for you, but it will also be hard on them. Many times the senior that is downsizing doesn’t want to or doesn’t think they need to be moving or downsizing. There’s a lot to sort through mentally. It’s important to sit in these feelings and reminisce and laugh and cry and go through all of the motions. It may be hard in the moment, but you will all be grateful that you did.

Move Your Loved One With Peace of Mind

Once the planning and packing is done, it’s time to move! As Life Goes On Elder Care is excited and ready to welcome your loved one into one of our senior facilities. Contact us to request a tour today!

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